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Theni is a hillock town situated in Madurai Region of Tamil Nadu. It is known for the large-scale trading of garlic, cotton, cardamom, grapes, mango and chilli. It hosts the second largest weekly market in Tamil Nadu and the fourth largest in South India. Theni district Headquarter's is Located in Theni. Theni district is Located in Madurai Region. Nearest city Madurai Just 76 km from Theni Town. It is well-connected by road to all the important cities in Tamil Nadu. The nearest airport is at Madurai 87 km From THENI - MADURAI Airport Distance.


Theni Tour Packages

The treks through the forests and the tea estates promise to be thrilling what with the probability of sighting animals such as Indian Gaurs, wild boars, elephants, Leopards and even tigers.


1Tranz king travels21:40PM7:00AM1550
2Grape City Travels21:00PM7:00AM850
3Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT20:15PM6:51AM1750
4Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT21:15PM7:00AM1050
5Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT21:01PM7:00AM1050
6Vignesh TATranscars20:50PM6:15AM1776
7Subam Travels 21:10PM6:45AM1199
8Sri Krishna Travels21:30PM6:35AM2200
9Subam Travels 21:45PM6:55AM1199
10Krs travels 21:25PM7:15AM1300
11Krs travels 22:30PM7:25AM900
12Thirumal Alaghu Travels (TAT20:45PM6:45AM1550
13Ivar Travels 21:25PM7:00AM780
14Varadhan Travels 20:50PM5:30AM1250
15National Travels CHN 22:05PM7:00AM1299
16Vetri Travels 22:00PM6:45AM1550
17MJT Travels 20:25PM5:30AM1552
18Krs travels20:15PM6:00AM850
19Vignesh TATranscars 21:20PM6:45AM1804
20Krs travels 21:30PM6:50AM680
21Cumbum Travels 21:15PM6:45AM1235
22Cumbum Travels 22:30PM7:25AM808
23MJT Travels 20:45PM7:00AM1400
24Krs travels 20:45PM7:00AM1400
25Sri Krishna Travels 21:25PM6:05AM1099
26Mudhalvan Travels 21:05PM6:30AM760
27Sri Krishna Travels22:00PM6:45AM1350
28Sri Krishna Travels20:05PM6:00AM1450
29Sri Krishna Travels20:35PM6:00AM1350
30Cumbum Travels20:15PM6:15AM1235
31Krs travels 20:25PM6:40AM1250
32Sri Krishna Travels 20:30PM5:55AM950
33Sri Krishna Travels 21:15PM7:00AM999
34Vignesh TATranscars 20:25PM5:45AM1454
35Mmm travels 21:15PM5:45AM1350
36Mmm travels 19:40PM6:15AM1950

Rengha Holidays

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Once upon a time, in the promising land of Theni, there lived a young man. He had an unending love for the automobile and lost his heart to travel. With nothing but lots of hope and courage, he started his dream company Rengha Travels with just 2 ambassador cars. The dream morphed with time and became air-conditioned cabs, first of its kind in the Dist. of Theni.

Travel- a simple word which makes one very modest. It makes one realise what a small portion of the world he occupies. All love to travel, but are we ready to take it head-on? Though we leave our identities back, we are very much stuck to some level of comforts.

Best Tourism Award 2022 - Tamilnadu Government

we have started indulging in taking devotees on the pilgrimage of their interest without compromising on the comforts. The 21st century is a significant one throughout the entire existence of Tamil Nadu. It saw the introduction of an industry precursor. A remarkable two many years of administration and very nearly a million clients, Rengha Travels is a pioneer in the visiting and travel and transport industry.


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