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In a special collectors' issue published just before the turn of the millennium, National Geographic Traveler ranked Kerala as one of the "50 destinations of a lifetime" with houseboat and backwater resort tourism in Alappuzha seen as leading influences.

One of the popular tourist attractions in Kerala is the kettuvallams (Kerala houseboats) in the backwaters. The backwaters have more than 2000 kettuvallams.

The tourist houseboats have been graded as platinum, gold, and silver by the Kerala government.

Traditionally, the kettuvallams were used as grain barges to transport the rice cultivated in the fertile fields next to the backwaters. The thatched roof covers 100 feet ( 30 m ) in length over wooden hulls, providing shelter from the elements. The vessels were used as staying at some stage of time 

The Royalty Rooms. The houseboats have been floating cottages with a sleeping room, western-style bathrooms, a dining area, and a sit-out on the deck adapted to attract visitors. The night on a houseboat is spent by most visitors. Food is served on board by the accompanying workers, often with a Kerala flavor. The houseboats are of different styles and can be employed according to the family or visiting the group's scale.

The living-dining room is normally open on at least three sides, giving a grand view of the entire city during the day while it is on the move, including other boats. At mealtime and at night, everything is taken to a standstill.

After sunset, burning coils are provided by the boat crew to scare away mosquitoes. Ketuvallams are motorized for smooth movement but usually proceed at a sluggish speed. All kettuvallams are fitted with a generator and most rooms have air conditioning. Occasionally,

Electricity is turned off according to consumer demand, and lanterns are produced to create a rural climate.

The place is called backwaters due to the fact the lake water is in reality clean river water that comes down from the river and is then used for the paddy fields on every occasion the want be, and later the lake water as it is going in advance, merges with the sea in Kochi.

Backwater is water turned again in its course by an obstruction on opposing cutting-edge or the flow of tide as in a sewer or river channel or throughout the river bar. A lagoon is the location of surprisingly shallow, quiet water which get entry to the sea however separated from it by using sandbars, barrier islands or coral reefs. 

Water held or forced returned, as by a dam, flood, or tide. An area or country of stagnant backwardness: This region of the United states is a backwater that keeps to withstand progress.

Alleppey, which is also called Alappuzha, is a coastal district of Kerala. Alleppey emerges as famous for plenty motives just like the beautiful combination of lakes, lagoons, crisscrossed slim canals, rivers, coconut fingers, paddy fields and many extra.

Earlier Alleppey and close to with the aid of regions are low lying wetlands. These wetlands are a part of Vembanad lake which originates from Ashtamudi Lake at Quilon till Kochi. 

The Maharaja of erstwhile Travancore state has given permission to reclaim these wetlands and converted these wetlands to fertile paddy fields due to increasing needs of rice for local human beings. Reclamation of the wetland machine started out in 1832 and via the end of 1984 approx 2300 hectares of land has been reclaimed. 

Two thirds of the total vembanad lake has been reclaimed or converted into paddy fields. When this substantial lake reclaimed and transformed to paddy fields, many large and small canals and rivers were formed. More than half of this area is now called Kuttanad, which has full-size paddy fields, lagoons, small canals and rivers. Most of the small and slender canals are positioned in Kuttanad.

Alleppey, being a coastal district, one facet of Alleppey is lovely canals and rivers and another facet is the Arabian Sea that is Alleppey beach.

Referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey (now Alappuzha) is what you name, a true paradise. Adorned with a picture best landscape, glowing rivers, lush greenery, and beautiful freshwater lakes, Alleppey is home to enormous herbal beauty.

A famous backwater destination, Alleppey in Kerala is visited with the aid of heaps of travelers every 12 months. It is a destination for every sort of traveller, be it a nature lover, wildlife fanatic, photo trojan horse or a wanderer. 

Alleppey is immensely popular for its scenic beauty and calmness, that is why, vacationers from all throughout the u . S . A . And the sector goes to this place. It is the suitable vacation spot for the ones that wish to spend a while away from their long and worrying schedules.

For an extended and non-violent vacation, what may be higher than cruising alongside those palm-fringed waterways of Alleppey?

The enjoyment of passing via those paddy fields, coconut groves, Chinese fishing nets, villages, and temples is really captivating. The cool wind keeps caressing your face that similarly adds to the charm.

You waft through the serene backwaters of Alleppey in a beautiful ‘’Kettuvallam’’ (houseboat) and enjoy the sight of the unexplored areas of Kerala. The entire backwater cruising is something you couldn't overlook without problems.

While the clean blue skies cowl you with a clean and soothing layer, flocks of ducks swim around the banks and delightful birds upload chirpiness to the revel in.

The hub of Kerala backwaters, Alleppey has numerous backwater routes to provide. Every route has something unique and captivates you greater than the opposite. Alappuzha to Kumarakom is considered one of the most beautiful backwater routes. This one night time cruise makes you revel in a mystical night time below the starry sky. As you skip through, you get to peer women and men fishing, coconut bushes swaying with the wind, water birds passing with the aid of the canals.

Alappuzha to Kottayam is another awesome backwater cruise. The serenity of the route is completely matchless.

Alappuzha to Alumkadavu cruising is to be had for both one night time and two nights. The cruise takes you to Alumkadavu, the place in which the Kettuvallams (houseboats) originated.

Alappuzha to Thottappally covers a number of historical places. The cruise takes you to vital locations like Champakulam Church and Ambalapuzha temple.

Yet any other beautiful cruise that starts from Alappuzha and goes until Kidangara thru the extraordinary backwaters and sooner or later thru the pleasing Vembanad Lake And Pathiramanal Island.

Alappuzha to Mankotta moves through Punnamada Lake. With this, you get an opportunity to have a look at those coir making villages and lots of greater historically important points of interest.

Alleppey is a coastal town in which one facet is the Arabian Sea and another facet completely blanketed by means of rivers and canals which is called Alleppey backwaters. There are many massive and small canals. Both facets of those crisscrossed canals and rivers are stunning lagoons, green paddy fields, coconut palms, nearby village homes which aren't available in some other part of the arena. 

Local human beings live on the banks of those canals and those canals and rivers are part of their daily life. Road access to those villages that are surrounded by using small canals and rivers are constrained. 

Therefore, the maximum area people are dependent on is water delivery i.e. small rice boats or U . S.A. Boats/motor boats to move from one vicinity to any other vicinity. Still in a few parts of the village, you can actually see moving small u . S . A . Boat sells ethnic gadgets to the villagers who are living on the banks of canals and rivers. All these make Alleppey a prime visitor attraction area.

Another important appeal of Alleppey is the famous and interesting water sport known as snake boat race is prepared at distinctive canals in Alleppey which pulls the largest crowd from all around the global. Alleppey backwaters with houseboats might be a quality aggregate for spending entertainment time.

What is to look or How to explore Alleppey Backwaters?

Many of the visitors used to ask this question greater often. The fundamental attraction of Alleppey is small and big canals, lagoons, green paddy fields, small U.S.A. Boats promoting ethnic gadgets – a verity of birds from Kingfisher, sea grate, eagle and so on all these makes Alleppey backwaters an unforgettable experience.

To revel in this, one needs to make an Alleppey journey through the small canals and rivers. To make a trip thru canals and rivers, one needs to apply any way of water delivery like houseboat, timber U . S . A . Boat – as usually known as shikkara, speed boat, motor boat and many others.

The Alleppey backwaters extend to approx three hundred square km. To go to the most beautiful locations in Alleppey backwaters which consist of scenic locations like Kuttanad, Kainakary canals, a minimum of 2 days in a houseboat is required. But a brief ride of three-four hrs in small canals is likewise possible to see the glimpse of Alleppey canals.

There are specific options to be had to do a journey within the backwaters.

Houseboat: Most appealing and enjoyable manner of exploring Alleppey backwaters is by means of Houseboat. Houseboat gives a mattress room, connected tub room, an open deck, a kitchen and a couple of or 3 service guy at the disposal of the guests. A 2 ni three days journey in a houseboat can cowl most lovely canals of Alleppey. An improved booking is sincerely required. Read our underneath article to recognise extra approximately houseboat and reserving manner.

Motor Boat: Small and huge kinds of motor boats can accommodate 10 to one hundred people depending upon the size of the boat. Most of the motor boats have a pinnacle ground additionally. It may cost approx Rs seven hundred – 1000 upto eight adults per hour. No advance reservation is required and maximum of the time a motor boat is to be had. Motor boat is to be had in all the primary boat Jetties in Alleppey.

Shikkara: A shikara is powered with the aid of diesel or petrol Yamaha engine, can accommodate 2 to eight adults relying upon the scale of the boat. It may cost a little Rs seven hundred – 900 in line with hour upto 8 adults. This fee may go up if there's huge call for and less availability. No advance booking is required and maximum of the time a shikara boats is available. 

 Since the United States boats and shikara are small, individuals who are taking this need to ensure that the driver is having a license and all different safety precautions are available within the boat. There are many accidents stated and some of these injuries are because of green drivers. A shikara boat can be hired from Rajeev Jetty at Alleppey.

Kerala Govt Water Transport Service Boats: These boats are operated via Govt of Kerala Water Transport Department, which run those boats to connect unique islands for local humans. 

This is a superb choice for the ones looking for a low finance tour. Most of the time one won't discover seats because of local humans journeying and a while there may be no boat as consistent with the time table. The service boats are available from Alleppey Boat Jetty – that is a stroll able distance Alleppey Bus Stand.   Below are some of the routes travelers can avail which travels most of the narrow canals. It cost approx INR 40 per head for one manner of experience.


Alappuzha is a watery heaven of interlinking canals, reputedly infinite paddy fields, and perennially swaying coconut bushes. The first-rate view of this landslip is from outdoor, from the Alleppey houseboats cruising via the backwaters.

Travelling in a houseboat in Alleppey isn't always just a rely on superb window views. It is an enchanting experience in itself. The cool breeze, the occasional migratory birds, and seasonal rains make the boat experience a unique enjoy that you may appreciate all the time. Three things make Alleppey houseboat applications best: the right organisation, the proper operator, and the proper bundle.


The Kerala backwaters offer rousing surroundings for romantic outings. It is a honeymooners’ paradise. They have the natural putting of an enormous lake and the privateness of a houseboat with cutting-edge luxuries. 

Those who cherish love and romance will virtually spend a number of the unforgettable days of their existence at houseboats in Alleppey. So, come on in with the object of your love and seek amorous bliss.


Amidst the many Alleppey houseboat operators, some are more same. Sun Houseboats Kerala is the primary among those equals. For the first-rate Alleppey house boat cruises, appearance no in addition. Choose the pleasantness of our applications.


We provide numerous kinds of Alleppey houseboat packages, starting from in the future to five days. Don’t assume that the houseboat programs involve only boat rides with no spoil. We arrange for village excursions, canoeing sessions and fishing expeditions at low value in houseboats rate. For every of the Alleppey houseboat programs, breakfast, lunch and dinner (candle light dinner, to be particular) could be provided on board.

For all of the applications, please observe the following factors. Houseboats may be anchored and idle for the duration of nights. It is obligatory because of authorities rules. All meals served might be standard Kerala dishes. We offer exceptional fish dishes and rice gadgets. Bread, butter, jam, and eggs can be supplied for breakfast and Chapatis and chicken/vegetable curry might be supplied for lunch and dinner upon request.

In Kerala, houseboats are mainly operating in Alleppey or Alappuzha and Kumarakom. But nowadays some limited number of boats are available in Kollam and Bekal Kasargod. Through, customers can book now only Houseboats in Alleppey and Kumarakom. 

?Rengha Travels arranged your tour for Deluxe Houseboats, Premium houseboats, Luxury houseboats, Super Luxury houseboats and Ultra Luxury houseboats; Super Luxury and Ultra luxury are very expensive boats in the Alleppey houseboat industry, which are well class maintained boats with luxury services and facilities, like Free WIFI, Outdoor games, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi etc...

More than 700+ houseboats are operating in Kerala. Majority are in Alleppey and Kumarakom. However, quality maintained boats are very limited. As we know quality and service are too important while selecting a Houseboat in Kerala, so how would we book a houseboat or how to choose a good quality boat from these many boats? Most of the customers may ask the images of the houseboat, but none of the images will never tell you the quality of service and real story of the houseboat. 

?So first, you must select a good service provider to book your Houseboat in Kerala. Second, do not go behind very cheap package price, because Kerala houseboat operations are very expensive, so cheaper packages will burn the quality of your houseboat service.

Our Theni Travels and Rengha Travels provide the tour for Alleppey houseboat with the best rates.

To know more, please click the below link…

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