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Mavootru Velappar: This sanctuary is situated at a spot called Teppampatti, around 20 Kms from Andipatti and 32 Kms from Theni. The sanctuary is arranged on the head of a slope and the chain of slopes is called Varushanadu slopes. There is an intriguing tale about this sanctuary. The Varushanadu Hills go under the control of the Kandamanur Zamin. The slopes are populated distinctly by innate individuals called Paliyars. Aside from gathering the woods items, their principle occupation is to gather underlying foundations of a creeper called Valli Kizhangu which is their staple food. When a Paliya had begun cutting the valli kizhangu root, it didn't end and it continued endlessly and toward the finish of the root, he found the symbol of Velappar. The Paliyas acknowledged that it was the yearning of the Lord to stay in this slant and had presented Him. At the point when the nearby Zamindar came to think about this, he made game plans for building appropriate strides to arrive at the slope top and furthermore built a little sanctuary for Murugan alongside Vinayakar and Sapthamatha. The principal right of love in this sanctuary is given to the individuals from the Paliya people group.




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  • Pickup Location Theni
  • Drop Location Theni
  • AC Vechile yes
  • No. of Seaters 4
  • Cost/Kms ₹ 1350