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Mavothu Vellapar Sanctuary is situated at the Varushanad slope go, which is around 20-kilo meters from Andipati. Settling in the slopes, the spot is at a pinnacle top, encompassed by normal manors this sanctuary is situated in a satisfying common air. The solid confidence of the guests is the principle reason that the petitions to Master Velapar would favor them great wellbeing and all the satisfaction. According to a portion of the verifiable reality, there is an underground linkage with a portion of the spots which are known as Thepam in Thepampatti. There is likewise a conviction that there exist numerous sages and Siddhas leading appeasement in the abutting slope caverns. The lead god Master Mavotru Velapar, Vinayak and Saptha Mata sanctums are at the slope. Sakti, Karupanna Swammi hallowed places are close to the tail of the slope. Guests implore God Velapar for good wellbeing and youngsters' government assistance, fix from illnesses, exchange advancement, business, greatness in scholastics, and weddings. Ruler Velapar in the sanctuary is a swayambumurti. There is additionally a lasting spring under the mango tree towards the south. Maa implies mango, Oottru the spring and subsequently, it is called Mavootru. A community known as Pazhiar used to live in the area that developed a root called Vali Kizangu which used it for food purposes. They also dug a spot nearby the temple but failed to take the crop out. The root had got too deeply ingrained. Ultimately, they find the shrines of Swayambu Velapar. Lord Mavootru Velappar, Vinayaka, and Saptha Matha, the presiding deity, are in the hill. Sakthi, The Shrines of Karuppanna Swami.




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  • Pickup Location Theni
  • Drop Location Theni
  • AC Vechile yes
  • No. of Seaters 4
  • Cost/Kms ₹ 1550