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Pathinettampadi is the 18 divine steps to the 'Thirumuttam' of famed Sabarimala temple in the Kerala nation of India. These steps have a length of five ft, a width of 9 inches, and a height of nine inches. The symbolism of eighteen steps Pilgrims climbing the eighteen sacred steps at Sannidhanam The first five steps represent 'Panchendriyas', which are the five human senses such as eye, ear, nose, skin, and mouth. The next eight steps represent "Ashtaragas' which includes Kama (desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (inordinate desire), Moha (attachment), Madha (pride), Matsarya (unhealthy competition), Asya (jealousy) and Thumb (braggy). The next three steps represent 'Thrigunas' or the three qualities of Sattva, Rajas, and Thames. The final two steps indicate Vidya (knowledge) and Avidya (ignorance of knowledge). These steps also symbolize the eighteen hills that surround the Sabarimala temple which are Ponnambalamedu, Gaudanmala, Nagamala, Sundaramala, Karimala, Mathangamala, Mayiladummala, Sreepadamala, Thevarmala, Nilakkalmala, Thalapparamala, Chittambalamala, Ghalkimala, Puthusserymala, Kalakettymala, Inchipparamala, Sabarimala, and Neelimala.[4] One who crosses all these steps become purified and attains eligibility to get the darshan of Lord Ayyappa.




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  • Pickup Location Theni
  • Drop Location Theni
  • AC Vechile yes
  • No. of Seaters 14+1
  • Cost/Kms ₹ 11000